Certificate of Good to obtain it quickly.

Does anyone have direct experience obtaining this document. without the use of NIS personnel?

As in a certificate from the police stating that you did not commit a crime while in KZ? I know a guy on here by the name of Jamin was able to get one. Didn't seem that difficult.

Correction - I did have some obstacles before I managed to get the documentation. Initially I was informed b my IVP that its a straightforward process just needed to go to the right place with someone who can speak the local languages. Thought the VP-External Affairs is supposed to handle these kind of things, he "sat" on it for 2-3 weeks before throwing it back to ma saying that its NOT his job to do this and I have to deal with it myself. I was fortunate to have "friendly" local colleague who can help me and sorted it out without any problem within a matter of few days. It cost few thousand KZT, but worth paying "over the odd" for it.Finally I had the documentation translated in to English. How and what the process is still a mystery to me, but "knowing" someone who KNOW what the are doing is just "gold dust".

I agree with the comment that "knowing" someone who KNOW what the are doing is just "gold dust". Its all about who you know. I'm lucky because  I am happily married to a Kazakhstan citizen.

I used to work several year in Kazakhstan and got my police certificate for international use via Kazakh Service Centre. I think - this is the only company that charges real money and does the work within 10 days. Before, I had a bad experience and order the certificate from another KZ Micki Mouse company, send them money ( 200 US) via Western Union and never got my document. I was mad :-(, so found Kazakh Service Centre, paid them 350 US via PayPal ( credit card) - and got the proper certificate in 12 days. Kazakh Service Centre provided all paperwork, so the process was smooth...( actually did apostille for me as well on this document.
Good luck!

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