Rejected from USA Visa

Hi! Does anyone know the schedule for interview? Is there an afternoon schedule?


Hi Faisal

Probably my post is too late for its addition in this thread, just thought to add my experience, since my case resembles yours.

Prior applying for the US tourist visa, I read this and other similar threads, and trust me, I thought for a moment that I may be rejected too.

Luckily, it didn't go that way, I got my visa approved, knowing:

I'm single
Gets hefty paychecks
Travelling history to Europe and South East.
Working in the same company for 6 years now
I don't own any kind property in my home country.

Thereby, what I have learnt is, being confident, truthful and precise in your response to the officer can really make things go in your side.

Hope that helps the prospective candidates.


You could do a US visa photo at

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