Car Engine Oil Flushing- Machiene

I wanted to Flush my car's engine oil,Since Im doing it first time here, I wanted to know if they do it though machines ( i used to do it in Dubai- Emarat Petrol Pump by Automatic Machine).

Anyone is aware if such kind of service is offered anywhere in Jeddah.


Go to petromin


I work for Shell Motor Oils so you can say, I got my hands in oil.

I wouldn't recommend getting an oil change through the machines here. They don't do it properly unlike the Dubai outlet who have proper equipment to do the needful.

Get the classical pit drain oil change. Which car do you have currently so I can advise on the best oil in the market and recommend the grade as well.

P.S. Shell has the worlds most advanced oil, We are the only company in the world making the Gas-To-Liquid oils which are the purest oils in the world. All our line-up is developed with Ferrari and All Ferrari's get a first fill of Shell Helix Motor  Oils range. There is a reason to why Shell is the worlds largest lubricants supplier for the past 7 years in a row.

Try any of the Shell Helix range and I can guarantee you will feel the difference, all our oils are API S/N standard, the highest in the market.

Thanks Guys.

Does Petromin have automatic machines for the oil change or do they also do  pit drain oil change.

@iusman975. Sedan, Nissan Sunny. Any oil recommendations+ (4K ,5K, 10K Km) will help..

Thanks and Eid Mubarak.


Petromin has both but I wouldn't recommend Petromin for 2 factors 
1) obviously I work for Shell
2) Their oils have a very secretive production which kinda makes me suspicious about recycled oil which is harmful for the car.

Great, Use Shell Helix HX-5 10W30 . It's good for 7,000 KM.
A yellow bottle, API SN Pureplus Technology.

If you want, I can direct you to a shop where you will get s guranteed good service because these oil chnage shops can con you easily by giving you expired and below standard products.

I work for petromin as a chemist and Yes we have both , and i advice u to use petromin synthetic it's will work till 10,000 Km

Synthetic for a straight 4 engine wouldn't make sense buddy. The 5w30 or 5w40 viscosity can cause damage to a small displacement engine.

Thank for your recommendation.  But Im left confused. :/

i dont want to go for 10K, please  give recommendations for 5K .

@Usmsn,please give me the service centre details.

Also just for info. Does Petromin have Automatic Oil Change Service on all stations..

I use it for my sedan sonata and it's working fine buddy :)

Though this is not my place but Petromin and shell employees faceoff , haha  :lol:

I have Hyundai Creta 1.6 which is the best oil for it?

yes petromin best for this

available in Khobar? if give me location

i am having toyota corolla do u know dealers dealing with shell products. i m living in jizan

Please share the engine oil wholesaler details and location inside Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

Hi , Can you please suggest the place were I can get the oil changed with the shell helix HX and is it ok for Corolla 2015 model

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