Wanting to move to Taiwan to Teach English

Hi there Expat Community.

My Boyfriend and I are going to be heading to Taiwan soon to start teaching. Everyone says it is easier to get a teaching job once in Taiwan.

I am a but nervous about the uncertainty of moving over without any job in place.

What would you recommend to get a job first to go over  to or look for one once in the country?


It is quicker and easier to get a job once you are here. I understand the feeling of uncertainty, but there is a demand for English teachers. If you'd like, you can send me a resume and possibly a video for me to consider you as I am in the position to hire new teachers. Let me know when you expect to come to Taiwan and I will see if we have openings at that time. I may be contacted : xxx

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Yeah, go over there to find a job. That's the way I did it and the way everyone else does it for the most part. Very few jobs are offered from outside of Taiwan.

Tealit is a good source for finding a job and housing:
You can find some forums on teaching in Taiwan:
How to find a good job in Taiwan:
http://www.eslinsider.com/blog/how-to-f … od-esl-job

I would like to enquireif you are still in a position to hire new teachers? I am heading over to Kaohsiung ASAP

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