Accounting Graduates, will you relocate to the Philippines?

Our company is currently looking for Thai, Spanish and Mandarin Speaking candidates with Accounting experience, I am just curious, would you move out from your country to go to the Philippines to be hired for a back office accounting job? provided that you finished a degree in Accounting??

Feedback is highly appreciated! :)

I would think it all depends on how much your willing to pay. And why do you need foreign speaking accountants for a back office job? Accountants from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia earn more than here. I dont believe other ASEAN countries have a strong accountanting program at the university level.

We hire a lot of contract accountants, and the amount they receive from the agency is a pittance.  A big 4 staff accountant with CPA doesnt earn that much.

thanks for the insight dhnindc, its a requirement that we have in our company, they require native speakers of thai, spanish, etc and require that they have accounting background. I appreciate the information you gave me, that they earn more there than in the Philippines.

Let me know if you have other insights about this. Have a great day!


it's super late for me to reply to your forum hehe

i believe so. because when you said you need the native speaker to be the accountant, i believe you will also provide them the language premium. that what makes it a good deal for us, the native to relocate to the Philippines. if it's just the basic pay, maybe the salary will be the same, but with the language premium, additional of 30k minimum? who can say no?

i hope this will help :)

-indonesian in the philippines-

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