Medical test without GAMCA approval/referral

hi. I'm leo from philippines and new to this forum. I've been reading most of the topic posted and get some ideas about life and conditions and even other concerns about bahrain.
By the way,  my concern is about on medical examination. my agency referred me to a diagnostic clinic for the medical test somewhere philippines specifically at cagayan de oro city. when I got there, the diagnostic center asked me a referral from GAMCA. Since GAMCA office is too far from my place, I informed my agency that I can't do the medical exam. The worst thing I've heard from them was, they advise me to go on with the test and  said that I will change my country destination to KSA instead of bahrain. they told me this because medical examination of workers bound to KSA need not GAMCA referral.

My question is, will I be in trouble with this approached? the recruitment agency promise me that they will handle and change the application for country destination after the medical results will be forwarded to them by the diagnostic center.

Also, I just want to know the participation of GAMCA in the world of employment  abroad.

Can anyone help me enlightened my doubts. thank you and appreciate you help.

more power to all.

If there is anyone with GAMCA and related experiences, can you please assist leo?

thanks farhaz, I really appreciate any members to assist me.

by the way, medical result of mine was already forwarded to my agency and they advised to have my vaccination. is it necessary to performed vaccine  prior to employer's visa application? or will it be upon the contract have already made?

Leo, from what I know, if you are coming directly from GAMCA monitored countries (India, Egypt, Pakistan, Phil etc) to the GCC, you need the GAMCA pre-employment medical.  This isn't needed if you are moving from one GCC country to another e.g. I moved from Dubai to Saudi and then to Bahrain, all medicals were done in country for me.

Now this varies from GCC country to GCC country and depends on each employer on how they want to take it forward and how much wasta they have.  One thing is for sure; you will HAVE to do a medical once you arrive.  Secondly, where are you going for a job?  Bahrain or Saudi?  the way I read it; with this change, you will HAVE to be employed in Saudi.

From a vaccination stand point; I am a bit confused.  Usually, vaccinations are done for certain categories only i.e. people in food services, medical professionals, house maids etc and for Hep B and other associated matters.  If your profession is one of these then whatever vaccination you do; will be repeated once you land here.  Unless you get the vaccination certificate attested by the embassy of the GCC country you are going to - from within the Philippines.  For example, my house maid was vaccinated for Hep B already but the UAE medical authorities asked her to do it again when she reached there.  But then, when she moved to Bahrain, the Bahrain medical authorities accepted the UAE vaccination record.

I would suggest that you put all of these questions to the recruitment agency to put your mind at ease.  From my standpoint, it's not worth going to Saudi if you have an option for Bahrain - especially if all it requires is a bit of inconvenience to do a GAMCA medical :)


i came from the Philippines and went thru GAMCA for medical referral before heading to Bahrain. Vaccinated me also for the reason they said that all going to GCC countries should be vaccinated. Dont know if this is true or what. Mine was MMR vaccine.

From my point of view also, why go to Saudi if you have the offer to Bahrain for the reason of getting a GAMCA referral. Do you think going to Saudi is the easiest way rather than going to GAMCA in Manila. It's best to go straight to BAhrain if the offer is there rather than passing to Saudi. That's my opinion for you kabayan.


yes, thats the one they are asking me MMR vaccine.

Actually I will not go to saudi. my job offer is in bahrain and I will work in bahrain. its just the country destination I've been filled up for the medical information as per recruitment agency's advise due to no gamca referrals.

With regards to GAMCA REFERRAL I mention on my prevoius post. the agency who advised me to took my medical test  without gamca referral give me an assurance that they will call the bahrain consolate to change false information on my medical papers from ksa to bahrain. Is it ok  what my agency did on processing my medical papers for the application?  Will this procedure works?

This sounds dodgy and illegal. I think they are getting you into gcc and then will try to skip GAMCA on the pretext you are already here and can do medical in country.  And that it was a mistake that ie you were supposed to go to Bahrain and mistakenly put it as KSA.

that's not even a assurance that your paper will be in Bahrain. I think they did it in purpose indicating KSA in the first place to avoid GAMCA referral. My advise to you make sure all your documents are for Bahrain without the KSA in it. Agency tend to get in their way just for making money. Im sorry for that kabayan. let me know the progress then.


thanks kabayan.
as of now my agency is asking my passport , school credentials and othr documents for the processing. will I send to them all the documents they are asking?

Can... me.. I have appeared Gamca Test in India for Saudi job. I work currently in Dubai. Unfortunately they told Bilirubin level is 1.0 and Medical center told. me they need below 0.8 so i was declared unfit. When can i reappear for Test again? Is there is Lifetime Ban kind of thing?

You should be able to re-test, i dont think there is an issue with that, contact your potential employer and explain


Hello friend.
Can you help me some problem for gamca.i want going to Bahrain. My visa is ready.only need medical report for Bahrain. I am going to gamca office. And take token for medical. Thay send me iqra madical lebortery. I make medical. Iqra lebortery is to much rong.only make money.or corruption. Thay approved me unfit. For chest xray. Only some little cloud in xray. And give time for re medical after 6month. And now iqra madical lebortery agent tell me to much money for clear medical.but I don't have money.plz
Any friend give me solutions. What Can I do.plz tell me. Or plz tell me without gamca medical I am going to Bahrain.

Sorry to hear about your situation, but without GAMCA FIT medical report LMRA will not issue visa. Try doing the same test in another center


Hello sir plz tell me witch another center .and sir without gemca approved center.

click on this link select your country and state, these are list of gamca medical centers approved by lmra.

But sir iqra madical lebortery give me 6 mont after re medical. He tell me again 6mont

Then i am afraid you will need to wait or try asking in the other medical center if anything can be done.

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