Cars in Italy - long term automatic car rental

I found this forum so responsive and helpful previously, I decided that this will be my "go to" group for all things Italy.
My husband and I have a vacation home in Italy and we spend 3-5 months at a time there. Our problem is that it is almost impossible to find an automatic car to rent and after attempting to drive a standard for a few weeks, I've given up.  Could tell you some very entertaining stories about that :-) At any rate, does anyone have any suggestions for cheap long term rentals of automatic cars? We do not want to purchase a car because we do not have anywhere to safely store it when we are not there. Thank you for any thoughts you may have.  slh43

Just seen your message which I see is 2 years old......I would be interested how you resolved this as I am also seeking a small automatic to hire for the periods I'm in Italy and I'm finding it just about impossible so now considering Some sort of purchase and to find a secure place to leave it whilst I'm back in the Uk.

After 2 years still no car. I am going to try to purchase a used automatic when we go back again. It is too difficult relying on the kindness of friends and we feel very isolated without a car.

I was thinking pretty much along the same lines, it's whether I purchase here or in the Uk ?

There are a few hoops to jump through in Italy. You have to be a resident with the paperwork to purchase a car. Maybe someone who has actually done it can supply the details for you.  I would choose to make the purchase in the UK if you have that option. Good luck!

Thanks, I'll post when I get somewhere with it.

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