New members of the Bhutan forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Bhutan forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Bhutan if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi!  I am tshering zangmo from phuentsholing.i work in school as supported staff.about our bhutan its a small country with beautiful natures and innocent bhutanese people.our culture is a very unique.

I have lived most of my life in California, northern & southern.  Also, I have lived in Maui & New York City for shorter periods of time.  I have many skills as a teacher and small business owner.
I am ready to retire.  I most enjoy living simply.  I am happy and want to live with other happy people.  I enjoy nature, gardening, preparing and eating healthy fresh & whole foods.  I hike, exercise and meditate.  Music, dance & drama evoke spirit and I love sharing these experiences with community.
I have just begun researching how it may be possible to live in Bhutan. Nature is my inspiration and creating from a loving heart is my greatest work.
I am discusing Bhutan life with a zany Buddist monk friend of mine living in Oakland, CA, that has visited Bhutan serveral times.  I would also very much like to hear from expats about what it is like to live in the more subtropical rural parts of Bhutan, that are not too far from a 'city center'.  Does a place exist and if yes, where? Shall I find out all I need to know in a visit?
Blessings for your considerations to share <3

thank you for sharing.

Yes mam, I've visited Bhutan Four times in Three years, and I found Bhutan is unique. So much peace I feel in Bhutan  no where I feel. If you allow me I would like to be a Bhutanese. I am earning lot but when I come Bhutan my sole want to stay here forever. I am not happy in India. Once upon a time I thought, money can buy everything, but I have money now thus I realize I was wrong and ignorant. I need peace. I cant describe my feelings, sorry.

Hi, I Subrata Chakraborty from Calcutta India.. But to be honest, here is no peace in India. So I want to expat to either in Bhutan or in Canada. Either I have to arrange a job or have to start business there. I have visited Canada once and four times Bhutan in three years. I need help and information how to expat there in Bhutan or Canada. I am a Cook / Chef. Thank You.

Hi Everybody !!
I'm Mr. Avirup Ghosh, a 33 yr. Bachelor want to shift to Bhutan from Kolkata, India as a Teacher/Trainer in English.
I am pursuing my Post Graduation in: ELT i.e English Language Teaching.
I'm into Academics (Training & Teaching) since 2007 & now I am working as the Lecturer in English in a Pvt. Engineering College.
My areas of expertise are: Soft-Skills, Communicative English, Interview Techniques, Personality Development, Job-Readiness etc.
I am looking for a Permanent Full-time Teaching/Training Job in Bhutan.
My mail id is: avirup.official[at]

I am John Samuel from India (Kerala) and interested in settling down in Bhutan.  However, as an initial step, I would like to take up a suitable employment in Bhutan.  Currently I am in Saudi Arabia.
My expertise includes 20+ yrs of experience in HR, General Administration, Business Management, etc.
Languages known:  English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam and Arabic.
Anyone interested, please send me a msg to :  mjohnsamuel[at]

Hi everybody,

Welcome to all new members here ! :)

For all of you who are looking for a job, i will advise you to create an ad in the Jobs in Bhutan section please.

Let's keep this thread for the introduction of the new members only !  :top:   :idontagree:



Dear friends

It feels nice to be part of the Bhutan Forum. I am by citizenship an Indian. I work and live abroad. I have heard a lot about Bhutan and how the Government measures the strength of the nation through Happiness Index rather than GDP. I get gravitated to Bhutan and of late have been contemplating moving to Bhutan as a permanent resident.

I would like to know from the Bhutan Forum about expat life, visa regulations, career opportunities and investment opportunities for expats. Do expats get permanent residence or at least residence for a few years? I look forward to either being employed or establishing myself as a life coach and business mentor, apart from establishing myself as management consultant and leadership advisor making use of my long years of experience in financial services.

I hope Bhutan is expat friendly and investor friendly and it is not difficult to settle down there.

I thank in advance for valuable views and information from the fellow members of the forum, particularly those who have been living in Bhutan for long.

Best regards

Gopalan Parthasarathy

hi, its me Yadev P.Kafley from Jomotshangkha Bhutan. I have completed my degree in bse botany honours. I want to work abroad in western countries and learn somthing extra. I want to work hard,do somthing good and be a better humenbeing. I need all of your support in my ways to success. Help me please.
Thanking you all
Yadev P.Kafley

Dear friends
     All changes in tourism and hotel filed.
     Helping the poor people.
     All people have a career in future.

My family and I are planning a move to Thimphu with my husband's job.    We have two teenage daughters who will need to be enrolled in school.   Any thoughts on that too?

Any suggestions on how to find housing before we get there?

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Bhutan, nice place to stay. Very quiet, calm and peace good for mediation. Lovely environment.

I am Dr thurahein from Burma.I 've got
MBBS in 2009 and have been working in private special clinic for 4 years.I want to get doctor job in    lovely Bhutan.   :)  :)  :)

thurahein :

I am Dr thurahein from Burma.I 've got
MBBS in 2009 and have been working in private special clinic for 4 years.I want to get doctor job in    lovely Bhutan.   :)  :)  :)

Welcome to the forum.

I suggest that you Google search 'hospitals in Bhutan' and then contact them for possible employment.

myself Nibha Mukhopadhyay is Indian passport holder wants to move to Bhutan. My basic skill is teaching.

hlw every 1 my self Ajay lakhera nd i m from India ( uttarakhnd) ....

Hello everyone,

I am Jannatul Ferdous from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I don't have any special fascination for money. I just want to live a happy and peaceful life and that's why I have chosen Bhutan. I need information about migrating to Bhutan with my family and live in there permanently. Hope I will find the necessary information here and also make good friends in Bhutanese and expats in Bhutan community. Thank you!

  I am a recent graduate from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.  I'm looking for a teaching job in Bhutan, teaching either English or Mathematics.  Thanks!

Hello fellow expats:

I am an Indian national living and working in US.
I am thinking of moving to a place where I can work and live in a commune.

Bhutan first came to me as an idea from a hindi movie but as I dwelled in deep, I may have found the place which I was looking for and I feel excited to possibly take this step.


Name's Jesse.  Like many of you I have read about the Bhutanese Gross National Happiness and their acceptance of death and it strikes me as a culture that I could/would want to grow into. 

I have a great job as a Projects Mgr for a Healthcare company here in the US, but I'd be willing to quit this old rat-race, money grab for a sense of community and true peace and contentment.

I look forward to learning more about Bhutan from the members here.  I am very excited by this whole prospect!

Please feel free to message me!


Hi I am Michael from Queensland, Australia.  My background is in Financial Servcies including financial planning.  I have also worked in Nurseing - Aged Care.  Bhutan calls to me for the simple life, I would like to seek work in sustainable development or sustainable investments but could also work in nurseing.  I have a diverse range of experiences and would love to experience Bhutan as a resident for some time.

Michael Weekes

Hello all, my name is Mike. My wife, soon to be child and I want to live in Bhutan. I am currently a student studying geographic information systems at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I have experience with agricultural water management and wildlife population tracking as they pertain to GIS.  Im trying to find a suitable job that will allow us to move there.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Angela from Taiwan. I'm fascinated by the culture and the nature of Bhutan. I'm looking for the oppotunity to work and live in this beautiful country. I'd also like to make friends with the members who are from Bhutan or who are living in Bhutan to learn more about my dream place to live.


Hellooo everyone

I'm Chris and I am from India. I've moved to Thimphu in Feb this year to pursue my Masters in Business Management. God willing, I'll be here until June '17. The country is certainly beautiful. I feel it's The Royal family which rules the country that makes Bhutan so beautiful and wonderful.

I am happy about my move to Bhutan and hope to find a job to stay even after the course.

Tashi Delek

hi iam a teacher working in bhutan in higher secondary school.bhutan is a beautiful and peace country.working environment also very good.

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Kiwi (New Zealander) in Bhutan (temporarily) looking for other Kiwis living and working in Bhutan for an episode of television series about NZers working in far-flung places.

If you know any, even those who are no longer the but have made a contribution to Bhutan, please let me know.  ASAP.

Thanks :)

Hi friends,
I am Abhijeet from Nashik, India.
I get an offer to work in Bhutan and may be move in next 15 days.
I would like to know about the accommodation.
How I get house on rent in Phuentsholing?
Kindly guide me.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you,


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