Pinoy in Iraq

Is there any pinoy working in Erbil ?

I will be moving to Erbil soon , looking for friends to chat/hang out with, move around to visit beautiful places in Erbil ..etc :) .

Hi qatar2023,

Telling us who you are, your hobbies and what you like, about what bringing you to Erbil might be an ice breaking step towards networking. :)



Expat-blog team.


Is there any Filipino here currently living in baghdad?

Yes specially in green zone try to contact our embassy in jadriya so they will register u as one of OFW working there in baghdad.They can help you also if u have question about rules there and in case u will need their can look for sir Donnie hes the ATN officer there and he is so nice.maybe he can introduce you also to the large filipino community working there they are so nice and they can help u in so many ways.

How about Pinoy in Basra?

As far as i know Pinoy in Irbil can have a vacation with no problem having OEC and going back in Iraq,
while kabayan's here in Basra dont get the same privileges of having a nice warm Vacation in the Phil.
our company give us an excellent offer and 15 weeks holiday but we cant spend the holidays home cause of travel ban.
Just to let you know kabayan's, Basra is safer than Irbil, but it is what it is.

6x kabayan's in my company and more or less 20x in my neighbor company.

Keep safe always Kabayan and God-bless us.

hello.. some questions about Filipino expats in Iraq.. I would like to know how safe is our security there specially those who are in Rumaila area. I have a job offer there and to be honest it is way better than my current job here in Brunei. My only hesitation is Im not so sure the situation there in Iraq and secondly how about if I go back to Philippines for vacation will it be hard for me to come back to Iraq due to the travel ban? Because the company is offering me 28/28 work cycle, meaning 28 days work in Iraq and 28 days vacation in Philippines. Im worried that once I take my leave it will be hard for me to come back in Iraq after my vacation. Please pm me if there are any sensitive issues you need to discuss regarding this.. Thanks in advance.

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Hello Fellow Filipino in Iraq;

Any Filipino here in Iraq (except Kurdistan Region), I would like to invite all Filipino working in Iraq to unite and have the Formal Petition to our DFA in Manila to pursue our interest to back to our Home Country for a warm Vacation.

Because Right now I am currently working in MAysan Province in Iraq, under a Big Chinese Company Joint Venture of Missan Oil Company. But I just spending my Rotation Off in Malaysia because of the Travel Ban of our DFA in Baghdad.


Anyone in Erbil in December? I'd love to get to know you!

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