Working for Sheraton Dohuk! Anyone from the area to hang out?

Hi people, I'm Viktor, Hungarian and moved to Dohuk not too long ago. I'm working for Sheraton Dohuk. If someone's from the area let's hang out

Hi Viktor.
I'm Italian and living in Duhok. The expat community is not large in town, and mostly made by members of NGOs (not myself, by the way), so you can hardly see them hanging out at the Sheraton....

You have any free day/hours with your job? This info could help to find out opportunities to meet.

All the best,


Hello Viktor and Francesco :)

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Hi Victor

I am Cynthia and currently living in New Zakho. I am interested in meeting up sometime...

Hey, I just moved to Dohuk...Billy, from Canada... looking for people to hang out with.

hey there, canadian here looking to meet up with expats

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