Where to start to move to Namibia

How and where do i start to move my family?

Hi Misty -Lee, when do you plan to move in Namibia, do you have already a work somewhere, are you looking to rent something?

Hi I am planning a trip to Namibia, could I get heads up on where to find lodging??

Hi Misty-Lee,
To start with you will need a sponsor - this is in the way of either employment or an investment.
If you have a job offer, your employer has to motivate why a Namibian can not be appointed in the position and also how a Namibian will be trained to eventually fill the position.
Through investment there are 2 ways:
1) Intellectual capital - You come to Namibia to transfer skills or
2) You invest in an existing business or start a new business. The process is: a business plan submitted to the Ministry of trade and industry together with proof of at least N$150 000 as starting capital. MTI will evaluate the business plan and decide if Namibia has a need for the kind of business you're proposing. Once MTI agrees that there is a need for your kind of business, you can register the business and apply for residence permits through the business. This is a very frustrating process - I applied for permanent residence in July 2007 and still no result.  Until you have permanent residence you will have to apply for work permits every year until permanent residence is granted. Rgds, Ben

Hi Misty-Lee,
You could not have chosen a better place to move to. However, here are somethings you might want to know and plan as you prepare to move:

1. Is your move on account of a job transfer? Are you coming to do business or mission work?

2. Are you coming on a work or holiday visa?

3. Do you have children that will require schools?

Well then, here are some tips:

a)As soon as you get here visit the Ministry of Home Affairs and get the requisite visa;

b) If you have a job lined up they will be able to assist with getting you the work visa;

c) If you have children in school bring all their documents from their previous schools: there are several real good private schools. They are all on the Internet, however they tend to get full so get in touch with them  as early as possible. These include: St. Paul's College, St. Georges, Windhoek Christian Academy and Highland Christian School.

d) If you are moving to Windhoek, the capital city, I would like to point out that good rental accommodation is very hard to find between February and November. The University of Namibia (UNAM) and the Polytechnic's students rent everything and therefore prices are up and properties rare. The students will rent a house and share the cost. The two schools close in November and most students leave until February so then there are many vacancies and more homes are available for rental.

A two bedroom flat will rent for about N$6000.00-7000.00 in a nice area such as Klein Windhoek. If you are lucky you might find a three-bedroom house for N$7000.00. Expect to pay one month's deposit as well. Dorado Park; Hochland Park and Pioneerspark are all nice areas and fairly secure as well. There you are likely to get some good homes to rent. They also all within ten minutes of the city center and close to shopping malls.
If you can pay a little more then you will have more to choose from.

Windhoek is a fairly safe city but be careful as you would in all major cities areound the world. Remember unemployment here is at 40%. Be careful taking taxis late at night. I would not take any taxi after sundown especially for a lady on her own. If you stay at a reputable guesthouse they will have contacts of taxi drivers that they know and trust.

You will find the city very clean, the people very friendly and the country very beautiful and advanced in many ways.
I hope you will enjoy your stay her.

I operate the Vizcaya guesthouse in Windhoek, minutes from the city center. Please feel free to contact me if you need further information and if you would like to stay with us while you look for more permamnent accommodation. We do pick up our guests from the airport at no charge.

It would be our pleasure to host you.

Welcome to Namibia,

Rose Ssali
Vizcaya Guesthouse & Restaurant +264 081-6127020

this is great information as I have got a job in Namibia and plan to move beginning Oct (hence, the info regarding university students renting until Nov - priceless!). Is it usual to go through an estate agent for rentals or is it generally more informal/word-of-mouth? I'm moving with wife + 2 small children so this is the big priority.
many thanks
PS - coming from UK

Hi Rose,  are you originally from Namibia or did you move there from another country....

Hi there,
I am not sure if I answered this in the past. I am not from Namibia but moved having lived in Canada and the USA for many years.
I have also lived in a few African countries the most memorable being Rwanda.I left two weeks before the genocide. Lost too many dear ones. You can therefore understand my need for political security and peace.

Rwanda has come along way now and I believe it will be the jewel of Africa (economically too) in the very near future.

Namibia has many advantages over the rest of Africa. It's population is very small; its leadership is very young so they will be there in the planning phase, the implementation and evaluation phases too. There is still time to make mistakes and correct them; there are many examples of what has not worked in Africa right across the continent; Namibia does not need to make its own mistakes, it can learn from those of others.

Unfortunately I see many people want to come to Namibia to get a job. Please remember the unemployment here is at 51%. That is one of the hightest in the world. Please consider coming as an investor to create jobs for Namibia instead.

There are opportunities in almost every sector you can imagine. Take your specialty and seek information from the corresponding ministry and you will be amazed at how you can contribute to the country. For what you give you will will receive returns in abundance as well as live in a secure country.

Is immigration a challenge? Absolutely, but so it is in many countries.

All the best to all expats thinking of Namibia as a choice for relocation.


I Have lived here for the past 9years and have to leave soon.

I think you should be here now.


Daniel Bezuidenhout

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