Moving: Ground Transport Advice from Chiang Mai to Siem Reap

Hi Everyone,

I am relocating from Chiang Mai to Siem Reap at the end of the month.

I will be coming down next week to get the housing set up in advance of the real move. I have a handle on permits for my dogs and I am reasonably confident in the visa knowledge from all the research I have done.

What I am still trying to get a handle on is the final transportation issue between Chiang Mai and Siem Reap for the ‘real’ move. For me a real move is 6 boxes and 4 dogs in airline crates. 

My original plan was for my son, who lives in Chiang Mai, to drive it all at least as far as the border (assuming his truck could not cross – confused there, but now a mute point) then lug it across to a prearranged van hired on my first trip down for the final leg into Siem Reap.

Murphy’s Law – My son’s truck is having problems.

So, here are my obvious and long-awaited questions:

Has anyone done a similar overland move?

Does anyone know of any only half crazy van services or… I can hire on either or both sides of the route?

How is this done?

Genuine advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, where is the absolute coldest beer in Siem Reap for after I survive this?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Nola, you may get a free quote from our moving partners.;)


Harmonie :

Hi Nola, you may get a free quote from our moving partners.;)


Thank you Harmonie, However, "moving large volumes or covering long distances, it is preferable to let professional movers in Siem Reap take charge of the removal process." does not sound like what I am looking for.

I am not looking for a traditional moving company, just input on How To go with my stuff (6 boxes & 4 dog crates - not a household) and/or sugestions for van hires on both sides of the border. I don't have a lot of things, and MUST travel with my pets.

Thanks anyway,


Hi Nola.  I don't know of anyone on the Thai side,  but I do know a honest,  reliable,  personable local in Siem Reap who can help you with all of your integration issues.  PM me if you're interested.

I have a friend who did the same trip moving his furniture and Thai wood carving collection from CM to SR. I can hook you up...he's in SR now.

Best place for ice cold beer, fantastic food, beautiful museum-quality Beatles memorabilia (and air conditioning!) is The Yellow Submarine! Tell owner Singh I said "Hello!"

Best regards!
Cindy in California
(formerly with Hollywood Hotdogs and One Eleven Gallery)

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