Am I alone in Baoding?????

Am I the only English speaking person in Baoding???  I hope not!!! Drop me a note and hopefully we can become friends....

Hello Bruce S.

Welcome to! :)

Maybe you can tell us more about yourself.

Thank you,

I wish I could help u but my English is not so good.
anywayz,welcome to our city .and I bet u r not alone in this city.
if u need any help u can email me ...I wanna know more friends too..
My e-mail address:9372538[at]

I am moving to be an English teacher in Baoding.  It'd be great to be in touch with other ex-pats

Hi Bruce

I am a PhD student at Wuhan University.
There is a nice Starbuck cafe by the Uni. we may catch up for a Lattee.

Here is for Hubei provice, am I right?

hi,am also coming to baoding on friday,hope to get in contact with you.Thanks

I am considering a job with Great Wall Automotive in Baoding.  How is it there to live?  I visited once already.


Don't worry - you're not alone! The expat community is tiny here though. I've been living here since last Oct so drop me and e-mail and I can meet up with you to take you around and settle in. :)


Hi, im planning to move from the uk to baoding to teach english, would be great to get some tips from anyone there currently doing this :)

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