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I am moving to Luxembourg for long term in September 2012. I am looking out for rented accommodation. I am exploring different options to stay in and around Luxembourg. I cannot afford anything more than 400-500 euros per month (including other charges). I dont know from where do i start. Would appreciate if someone can answer my queries:-

1. My work location is Luxembourg. Which are the  cities / villages around Lux where i can get good house/apartments at affordable rates? I would prefer travelling time of not more than 1 hr for one way
2. Should i look for furnished/unfurnished ones? Which option is more cost effective? Is it easy to setup an unfurnished house? Do we get good deals on resale items?
3. Since i will be staying alone for some time till my husband gets a job, from the saftey point, should i look for accommodation outside Luxembourg?

Help would be appreciated.


Hello Dasskhand.

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You can try to post an advert in the housing in Luxembourg section. It could help. :)

Good luck in your research,


Thanks for your reply. I have already started posting to different ad web sites. But my query was not related to how do i find an accommodation. Maybe my subject line is not correct. Request you to go through the query again and will appreciate if you can provide your valuable input.


Hello DassKhand, browsing through the forum, may help you.;)

Hope that other members will share their experience with you too.


Dear Madam,
May be I can help you by giving you some advise if you precise your request !!!!! Because if you are looking for a house or apartment for you and your husband in Luxembourg city or around it's impossible for the rate that you want to pay.

Hello Ahmed, Thanks for your reply. I think i should look at some neighbouring countries as well around Luxembourg. Currently i am looking at Trier(Germany) and Arlon(Belgium). Would i be able to get good studio / 1 BHK apartment in these areas with in this budget? I would appreciate if you can suggest some more cities/town/villages around Luxembourg which are safe and not very isloated.


Exactly you make an good choice by arlon in Belgium and good connected to Luxembourg city trier in Germany as also good and safe, France are not really suggest it as has no good renomé. If you like I can have look to inform you about some opportunities in Marlon as I receive some newspaper and are some advert in it.
If you send me your email we can keep contact

Hello, Thanks for your reply. Do you know any web sites for (Trier, Arlon, Konz) where property owners directly post the ads for rented properties? Real estate agents seems to be charging too high as the commission.



A "cheap" 16 sq meter in Luxemburg city in one of the most not recommanded area is rented around 800 euros (just for giving you an idea).
Concerning living abroad in Luxembourg, Arlon is a good choice, safe, but you'll better have a car (there is few trains), and the city itself is not... how I can say... a cultural capital.
Living in France at the point (Thionville or Metz) could be an adventure, but if I were you, I'll avoid at all costs.
In Germany you could find some good accomodations, with great possibilities of transport (bus or train -1/hour) quite cheap in comparison of other places like Luxembourg. Konz is a nice little city, but once again, you'll better have a car (or a bike and love to ride it).

For Germany, if you speak german (it is usually more appreciated, or you'll have to think about taking courses), you may have a look on,, or look on google under "Wohnung Mieten" (Wohnung : Appartment, Mieten : to rent), and there enter the city you like (PLZ in German is the postal code).
Have a nice search !

Hi, I am an Indian and I wouldnt recommend you to take houses outside luxembourg if you have to stay in luxembourg and I totally agree with the person Salopette. Do contact me, if you need some help. But trust me finding anything less than 600 would have some other disadvantages. And here it is pretty common expense for a house. Also don't forget about the agency fees and the 15 % tax. The frequency of buses are less. The shops close by 10.30 and you hardly find any shops here. Train stations are at different places. I would suggest you to stay at a YOuth hostel which costs 20 euros for a day with breakfast, internet for few days and then see the places around and then decide where you want to stay.


Still looking for a room? I offer a nice one. It's located on the French border, Longwy area, in a quiet and nice house. As it's in a village you need to have a car. There is a garage. I speak French, English and German, like cooking, am easy-going and friendly.

If you do not find anything here try Belgium or France.

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