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Hello All;

After few years in Mexico, we are close by to Chiapas now , and want very much cross to Guatemala, and stay in country for at least 3 months , and explore our option about semi or permanent
life there .
We travel in small motor home, we have two dogs .

We would like to rent modest ( really modest, and not expensive)
house on country side, with cooler climate .
Later we would like to explore country by car which we tow .

From the house we need bare minimum and low price,
we need parking and save run for the dogs .

What we hopping for, is an advise from someone who lives in Guatemala for some time already, knows the country,the person who is traveler by nature,
and will recommend to us an area good to start to search
for place to rent .
We also would very much consider rent of piece of land from someone , who would let us to use shower and bathroom, and again , save place for the dogs and parking for our vehicles .
Maybe someone has Guatemalan friends , who would benefit from
this kind of arrangement .

And on the end also camping situation would be of our interest,
if save, nature wise nice, with water/bathroom and available for longer term . ( not with terrible road access to the place with basic stores, we experienced this kind of situation in mountains of Oaxaca, and however place was very beautiful, and it was interesting experience, we do not want to do it again)

I think, I draw more and less  the picture of , what we are looking for, and I know are people who understand our blues .

From our current research, small town, village, close by to Xela
sounds desirable but we are very wide open to all suggestions .

We would like to close our monthly rent expenses in 300 doll ,
and this is an upper end ( if Internet possible ) . Doable , or not ?

thank you very much greetings eva

Hello Eva.

Welcome to!

Can you please post an advert in the housing in Guatemala section?

Thank you,

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