Relocating to Antigua, Guatamala

Hi, I'm relocating to Antigua Guatemala this year. I recently retired last December but have been planning this move for about a year before retiring. My wife and daughter will be arriving there on the 17th of August. After they find a residence I will be joining them. Can anyone provide any information on what it's like to live there as we plan on staying for one year. My daughter is 10 and already registered at the local international school (AIS). I'd like to do some volunteer work with any socially responsible business operating within the area. I've worked for the past 25 years in Law Enforcement. I have a background in social work and business management. I also have an advance degree in public policy. I'm hoping to get information on how expats conduct banking to avoid service fees from US banks. Also I'm interested in any information on housing and the cost of living in and around Antigua. Any information would be helpful.


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