Is there anyone from Philippines here in Switzerland?

Hello! I just want to know if there's any filipino here in Switzerland. Hope to meet u.

hello how are you im gene from here in about you?

Hello Gene! musta na? Rigth now, I'm still here in China but on Aug, I'll be going there in Switzerland. Which area you are in Switzerland? Looking forward to talk more since I have tons of questions..

my e-mail add is mikaela_gabrielle[at]

Hi po,

we also loking for phil hon and me.
We marry friday 25.Oktober 2013 - 2pm and like to invite some frineds for Apèro start 4 pm in 8957 Spreitenbach.
Any body interest ? foods for free

Garry and Jocelyn

Hello☺😊moving in to zurich switzerland by july..hope to meet more filipinos☺😊

Hello fel.jadulang and welcome on board

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Hi Fel,
muzta po ?
tama here many phil citizien in switzerland po...................but not easy to find ...coz they have family already
mostly and kids too.
Im german.but have daugther in DC po......and live here too

So welcome to switzerland po Fel

best regards


thank you😄...i see..well hoping still to mingle my kababayans soon in zurich😄

ok thanks for the info😄

Hello guys , im pinay here in switzerland . If by Any chance you know Any family looking looking for nanny or housekeeping couple , Kindly drop me a message. Start would be september . Thank you..jocelyn

Hi te saan kayo Banda sa Geneva?

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Viele. ........pinoys, chinisse. .

Hello everyone,


simply_dhezzie :

Viele. ........pinoys, chinisse. .

I can only guess but what does it mean in English ?  ;)


Many different People living here. ..pinoys chinesse, germans french und etc

Hi. Yes there are Filipino here for sure. They basically live in or close the most larger cities. You will sure get contacts.

I am swiss. But i can tell you there are many filipino here, also filipin organizations. Which city or area in particular?
Regards Dom

not from philippines but phillipines lover here:) where in switzerland do you live?

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