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I'm in Shanghai for a year teaching at a University and I plan to do some traveling while I'm here.  Can anyone recommend some good travel agencies?  They must speak English and offer inexpensive travel deals!  I'd like to travel around China as well as to bordering countries.  If anyone has a lead on good travel agencies here in Shanghai I'd appreciate hearing about them!

Also, I'll have a week off for the National Holiday Oct 1-8, and I would like to travel abroad during that time.  Is anyone planning a trip?  I'd enjoy having some travel partners! I'm thinking of traveling to India at that time but I'm open to suggestions.  Let me know! 

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this is the address of a nice girl working in a travel agency. I have been given her email address from a friend living here.
Shanghai Jinyan Aviation and Travel Service Co.,Ltd
you can call or better write her and quote my name: chiara Ghinolfi from italy.
if you need anything else, plesa write me.
bye and have a nice holiday

sorry I haven't written the reference name!!!!!!
Stella Song

Hello Chiara,

Thank you for this information!  I will try to contact Stella.  I appreciate your help!

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