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Dear Travellers,

I wish to throw more light on the isue of visa on arrival as many people are not aware and usually get embarrased here. I just want to let all of you know that you cannot acquire a visa on arrival without a letter of approval from the delegtion of national security in cameroon. so you need somebody to do this atleast one or two weeks before your arrival. you can contact me if you need help concerning visa on arrival.

Hello, please want to know more about staying in Ghana and acquiring a Cameroon visa since there is no Cameroon Embassy in Ghana. Also, the purpose of my visit is to find customers in Cameroon as the sales manager for my company, so what do i need to do.

There is no cameroon embassy in Ghana and in order to travel from there to cameroon there is the need for a visa on arrival which must be processed her in cameroon . to processed this visa approval letter i need a copy of your passport and air ticket.
It is processed and sent to you the scaned that you will use to board the plane and then the original copy is presented upon arrival at the airport to enable the visa to be stamped on your passport. markmeb[at] is my email. please contact me for any assistance.

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Hi Mark,

I have sent you an email and private message on this forum about visa on arrival Cameroon. Please check and let me know. Your support is highly appreciated.

Im coming to Cameroon on 5th May 2015  to seek advice about opening a business with a friend
As per your mail I need a letter of invitation emailed to me quickly from the Delegation of national Security - can you arrange this?
My email is rubymear[at]
Please contact me on Wednesday 29th April 2015


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pls tell me
i have invitation letter from sponsered
that letter  have to attested woth some department or not?

its hameed from india
pls let me know the visa details
i have unvitation letter

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You are off topic. This thread is about visas

No idea about this company.

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I need to get a letter for visa on arrival.  How much it will cost?  or do you have contact phone number?


Peace Brotha,

Are you still in Cameroon?

Hello,  I am having trouble with the dates on my visa and am scheduled to land in Yaounde on 31st Jan.  What can I do to get the visa on arrival?  Is that something you can help me with?


There is one local guy i know who can do the visa on arrival.  But he needs to get money before doing it.  If you need him to help you, I can give you his contact numbers.


I can get him the money, that is not a problem.  Can you send me his contact information?  Thank you!!!

Embile XXX

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Hi, This is Rameshkumar from india. I am planning to visit cameroon douala. Looking for visa details. kindly help me with details and contact.

I really appreciate for immediate help and details.


You can call Embile at MB 699921630 or 679517033.  He is a friend of mine and does visa on arrival.


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