need help about invitation letter for visa in philippiness

hello Nikkel, i will encourage you to check with the Philippines consulate in your country of origin to know if your country is among the list of countries that are requires to get a visa to Philippines, and if you need an invitation letter as a tourist.

Hi. I need help for an invitation letter from a Filipino. I got my ticket, my hotel and everything. Just need the invitation letter. My destination is Boracay. I really appreciate if you can help

You can get an invitation letter from anyone in the Philippines provided that the person is a legal resident, the person should know the reason why you're coming to Philippines to help you with the invitation letter. And it's not just an invitation letter as you made it to look,. it is more than that, according to the countries that requires invitation letter to enter into Philippines, there are certain procedure that the person helping you to make an invitation letter will go through because it's not just typing the letter and sending to you, It will require an affidavit from and Attorney (law firm) dully notarized (Authenticated) with the regional trial court in the person's city inviting you, and with the red ribbon Notarized (Authenticated) document from the Department of Foreign Affairs. After all this procedure, the person will send the paperwork to you through a courier service (DHL Fedex e.t.c) to you country of origin. All the process requires that the person inviting you know and trust you because he will be putting him/herself in trouble if you're found wanting in any situation. To my best understanding this is the right procedure to travel to the Philippines if you're required to get a Visa.

Josh Owoh

Thank you so much Josh for replying. actually i went to Philippine embassy in Kuala Lumpure and asked them. They said only a simple invitation letter with the copy of their IC or Passport as attachment to the letter. I already have my bank statement , company letter .....
If it's that difficult  process then i dont think anybody would do that for me.

I guess the process differs according to countries. alright then. stay safe and catch your fun when you get here.

Hi how u apply visa to pilipines  n Delhi what document they needed went lastest u visit pilipines pls tell me the details

Hello Joy, I think you need to visit the Philippines embassy in your country to get the requirement in accordance to the reason why you want to visit the Philippines (why do you want to visit the Philippines? Is it for study or holiday?) if you can get the requirement I believe I will be able to assist you in whatever means possibe.

how to write a Letter on inviting indian to phiippines?


how to write a Letter on inviting indian to phiippines?

You will have to write a letter stating your name as per ID and where you live in the Philippines, and then the name of the person you are inviting, passport number, purpose of the person you are inviting, the duration of the stay in the Philippines of that person, where the person you are inviting would be staying  ( Hotel or at your House), the date of intended travel and exiting of the Philippines.

Write all in a formal manner.  And i did most likely advice you to add where you work that is if you are working and the job of the person you are inviting, just to give an idea that you are both gainfully employed and can take care of the necessary expenditure once in the Philippines. 

PS- Don't forget to attach a copy of your passport or birth certificate.

Hello Josh, i know this is an old thread but am hopin u c this. pls I need ur help. Am a student in d Phil's and I want to invite my husband for visiting, what are the steps required


As far as I know ASEAN member states just need a passport to be in the Phil's. Visa will be issued upon arrival. Please check on countries that can qualify to this privilege.. If your country does, you can visit anytime even without an invitation letter.

hi can u help me? my bf want to visit me he is a pakistan but ye live from italy.he need a visa or a invitaion letter?

hi. do I have any idea for how many it needs for the authentication letter? thanks...

Why to you want to go to Philippines in the first place?

Your Boy Friend, coming from India will need a tourist Visa, prior to entry to enter the Philippines.

A lot of countries can enter the Philippines without a Visa entry stamp in there passport, however India does not appear to be on that list.  He can simply look it up on the Philippines Government web site,

He will need to pre-arrange it from India before he get's on the plane. 

If he can afford to Fly to the Philippines he will understand what research and the process he needs to follow to obtain his VISA.

Then there is the consideration of how long he can stay.

Just be a little careful if he is asking you to arrange it, not all foreigners are good people, this is something that he can and should arrange, not you.

i am sorry but you are wrong,  that privilege is not granted to everyone. There are specific procedure to entering the Philippines or any country in south east Asia

Josh Owoh :

i am sorry but you are wrong,  that privilege is not granted to everyone. There are specific procedure to entering the Philippines or any country in south east Asia

I think that you are referring  to my comment.

No I am correct    "If he can afford to Fly to the Philippines he will understand what research and the process he needs to follow to obtain his VISA."

People can simply do the research.

I am not sure what is wrong about this statement?

Although a very old thread a few are still posting here.  So, as a general statement:

Not all tourist visa's requirements are equal nor are they the same for all countries. For persons wanting a 9A visa (tourist) for the Philippines, they have a specified course to follow while still in India and they must accept that the Philippine visa will most likely be for 14 days only.  There is such a thing as a "visa-free" entry but that may be much harder to get unless the person is a "highly skilled professional". 

Even with all of the above, the extension of a visa for an Indian national is a mere (7) days and can't be exceeded past a total of 21 days nor can it be converted to any other type of visa.  If marriage is part of a plan, both persons may want to research requirements from India and steps here locally to enable a legal marriage within 14-21 days. 

Remember that even if an Indian person gets married within 21 days, the chance of a visa being changed while in the PI is about zero.  I am not aware of any legal method that would allow a marriage status to change visa status for Indian citizens currently in the PI.  Both will need to plan on the Indian citizen making a post-marriage trip back to the PI that would include the (Filipino spouse's name) being indicated in the visa application documents in India, along with that person submitting a certified copy of the Report of Marriage issued by the Philippine National Statistics office. 

This is a complicated process and I hope all will seek proper advice to get the best answers.

Many of the Indian citizens I have met here are on a student visa (9F) but they tell me it was done before they left India.  I think a work visa (9G) is nearly impossible for most persons not holding a globally recognized graduate degree (MD, PhD, JDL, DDS, etc.). 

If a person finds/have found a shorter legal vehicle to accomplishing the task, I'm sure others would be interested in learning how this was accomplished.

Best wishes to all.

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