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Sports in India


Find, in this article, an overview of different sports practiced in India. You can also join in if you wish.

It is known, worldwide, that Indians are passionate about sports. Hockey, which is better known as cricket in India, is by far the most popular sports in India, beside many others. Since a few years, the population, as well as national sports authorities, have grown keener about football. Therefore, you can easily access to sports anywhere in the country, whether you personally want to practice these, or you wish to attend a match or watch a live broadcast on TV. In some regions, especially in rural areas, you can also discover traditional sports and games. In all cases, you are very likely to enjoy your stay in the country.


In general, cricket matches bring together the younger and the elder all around the country, especially during international level matches. Best players, such as the famous batsman Sachin Tendulkar, is the idol of millions of supporters, regardless of their age. India takes part, every year, in the World Cricket Cup, and have even hosted the competition three times. The national team also takes part in the Twenty 20 World Cup. Its main rivals are, namely, Pakistan and England.

Cricket matches are regularly broadcast live on TV is most States. If you are in India, make sure to attend one of these matches someday. You will be amazed by the hustle and bustle around.


Football is also quite popular in Indian since the 90, particularly in Goa, Bengal and in the North, but not as much as cricket. India regularly takes part in the Asian Games' football competition. The best teams are found in the region of Bengal, especially thanks to the efforts of local sports authorities. Thus, six football clubs are involved in the Bengal Premier League Soccer.


Since a few years, Indian sports authorities have started investing into tennis so as to make it more attractive on the international level. The International Premier Tennis League, launched in early 2015, aims at promoting tennis to the same level as the Grand Slam and other international tournaments. Note that the IPTL is divided into four franchises, each representing a different city. These consist of single and double male, female players and double-mixed matches. Sania Mirza was the first Indian female player to win international tennis tournaments.

Other sports

Other sports a such as chess, wrestling, kayaking in rivers, as well as mountaineering, ski, paragliding in mountainous regions, etc, are also quite popular in India. In rural regions, you may have the opportunity to discover traditional sports and games such as the famous Kabaddi and the Gilli Danda, etc. On the other hand, Indians are also very keen about car racing given that a few Indian pilots are involved in the Formula 1.


If you wish to further discover India, why not go for a trekking adventure or a safari. Indeed, you can go to explore huge mountains, caves, nature reserves, forests and rivers, etc, on week-ends or during your holidays. In Ladakh, for example, you will be amazed by breathtaking landscapes and tracks. Tourist guides and agencies can be found almost everywhere. But beware! Make sure to inquire about weather conditions before starting your journey.

In coastal regions, you can enjoy swimming, diving, as well as waters sports and boat rides.


Last but not the least, India is the ideal place to get initiated to relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation. Yoga will initially help you to unify the different parts of your body, as much physically as emotionally thanks to asanas which are physical and breathing exercises.

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