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i am where i came from, and i'm not too sure where i'm going, but then i'm pretty useless at map reading anyway.

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on the road

The blog is about life abroad and travelling. I write about places that I have lived, about places that I have travelled to.

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France Cuisine Chic

de la cuisine, Boston, Paris, des bonnes adresses, des bons plans, restaurants, voyages, mode, boutiques, humeur...

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Culturally Discombobulated

Culturally Discombobulated is just what the internet needed - another navel-gazing blog. It's my struggle with living in the land of iHops and Dennys. Imagine Alistair Cooke without the charm, talent and contacts and you've pretty much got it.

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Wikie Pedia

A Blog , Where You Can Find Every information

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Sunshine 2 the Square Inch

Come follow my blog adventures! I started blogging as I taught in Korea for a year, traveled and now I'm getting ready to settle back states side for a bit!

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I Heart Running

A Running and Fitness Blog

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All things expat

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Quintessential rants while waiting for Godot. Various blogs and articles on everything from the unique perspective of an expat who once called NYC home.

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Life As Mrs. Presson: The Immigrant. The Wife. The Future SuperMom.

A blog of a Filipina who underwent the K1 Fiancé(e) Visa Process. This blog also serves as a guide to U.S. Immigration through marraige.

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The Khaness Chronicles

A blog about my travels around the world. Now I am in Houston so this is what I will be writing about

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British Expat in NJ

This is a guide to Expat Life for others heading to, and living in, New Jersey. We are an English family living in the 'suburbs' yet a quick commute from New York City. There's a ton of information for Expats in NJ from a British point of view!

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Vysyas Delicious recipes

This is a south Indian blog, mainly designed to explore the hidden recipes of vysyas community people who lives in southern part of India.Most of the recipes are posted with its nutritive values.Recipes are easy to prepare, and it can be prepared with ingredients,readily available in home.Most of the recipes are unique.

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Lost But Loving It -- In Alaska!

So I got this idea last year...I would change jobs and move from Bermuda to Alaska. Most people think that's a pretty strange choice, but it's a place I have always wanted to explore, so here I am! Making the most of my days off in my new northern home.

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Dagmar's Home

Expat from Germany, I make sense of motherhood, parenting, thrifty home decorating, and green and frugal living. I blog about how hard it is to raise a bilingual child, and my mom in Westchester, NY, and my love for Twitter and Instagram. I'm a also an editor, social media consultant, and candle maker.

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From Yorkshire to the USA. Wife, Mum, Beauty Therapist. Just trying to keep it all together.

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Flavia's Weekly

I love being an expat and I wanted to write a blog that could help people with their next move.

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Lost In The Pond

From language variation to obscure cultural differences, the United States and the United Kingdom differ in ways most of us aren't even aware. Sure, we all know that Limeys say "football" and Yanks say "soccer", but did you know that the latter term was in fact coined by the British? And just what did cause the two nations to spell and pronounce "alluminium" differently? Of course, our differences are not just confined to our respective employment of the language: national holidays, food and drink, transportation, sport, politics, entertainment, and religion all carry their own national markers. Just what are the facts and figures behind the UK's socialized healthcare system? And why do we drive on opposite sides of the road using either a right-sided or left-sided steering wheel? And just what is spotted dick? As an Englishman living in the US since 2008, I continue to discover and celebrate these differences and, through this blog, I will share these with you and hopefully learn much more along the way myself. So, navigate your way around the site and discover all of the many words, ideas and measuring systems that - possibly during the Pilgrim Fathers' long journey from England - got lost in the pond. Have a nice day, lads and lasses. Laurence Brown

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This month's expat blog: Write Now Rebekah

Rebekah is an avid traveler and blogger, born in Dublin, Ireland. After growing up with her parents in the UK, she lived in Germany, the Greek Islands, and South Korea. Back to Europe, she met her Spanish husband, and they got married in New Zealand. Today, they live in the Netherlands with their two kids. The author of Write Now Rebekah speaks to about her expat experience and passion for blogging.