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A Tuscan Foodie in America

Foodie: a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food. Tuscan: of or relating to Tuscany, its people or their language. And that's exactly who I am: a guy from Tuscany who has an ardent (not so sure about the refined bit) interest in food. I have been eating all around the world, spending more than 10 years in Belgium, until I stopped in Chicago, where I was blessed with a revelation: I love US food. I currently have a crush on Mexican tacos: if there is Taco God out there, I want to become his disciple.

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Culturally Discombobulated

Culturally Discombobulated is just what the internet needed - another navel-gazing blog. It's my struggle with living in the land of iHops and Dennys. Imagine Alistair Cooke without the charm, talent and contacts and you've pretty much got it.

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Santiwah is a bush bath in the island of Trinidad. When someone says that you need a bush bath it is because things have not been going well with you and you need to see the priest (to be blunt the seer person or obeah man) who would prepare this special bath for you. The goal of the ritual is to wash away the evil that has clouded your judgment and actions thereby freeing you of the evil spell that has put a damper on you life. So the question now is why did I decide to use Santiwah as the title for my blog? Well to be honest with you I have been toiling for years and can’t seem to be achieving my goals. I have to focus on my children and their success but at the same time look ahead to see where I am heading. My first blog was and still is on Vox with the catchphrase name Babash (local island brew). My move to TypePad is my Santiwah, so to speak, a clean start with the Rolls Royce of Web Blogs. I am new at this but enjoy the idea of seeing my bits and bytes displayed on the desktop. I am a very simple person who expects the World but at the same time I am wise enough to know that I just might need another 'bush bath'. I still believe in my life-quest catchphrase: “Livelong, Livestrong and Prosper”. I only wish the best for everyone and these are my feelings extended to you! This blog may evolve into many things providing varied information. It is my hope that you enjoy the experience with me.

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dinners & dreams

Dinners & Dreams features easy and delicious Moroccan and international recipes as well as stories and photos of travels.

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A Cloud Connected

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Across the Pond

Culture, lifestyle, politics - an immigrant from Austria explores L.A.

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Las Supernenas Maricones

Talks about travels, fantasies and adventures of three friends living in different countries, and of course LGBT advocacy in the Philippines.

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Tragic Dreams

It's a blog-diary and everything about me. Exploring the society, my friends, the entertainment, and our dynamic environment;its relationship and impact on my existence.

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World Cruise

My Cruise Experience with Norwegian Cruise

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The Heimweh Safari

Heimweh is homesickness. This blog is about (me trying to) getting rid of it.

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Expatriate Pay

The blog contains information on countries, cost of living data and discusses issues impacting on Expatriate Pay to help Expats make better decisions around their move to a new location.

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Earth to Danie

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Tomato Tomatoe

This weekly blog takes a lighthearted look at food, drink and the places and events in America that are famed for their food scene. A little informative and always tasty!

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Expats in the City

Finding your inner native -- for people who live in cities they weren't born in or didn't grow up in.

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Dear England: A Letter from America

7 years deep in my American adventure. Got my PhD. Swapped my American agent for a British one. Am I British or American at this point? Here's to our special misunderstood relationship with our American cousins, the Massachusetts rebels. Check out my biography/crime novels at The British are here!

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Scots in Maine

This blog is intended to be a wee place for the Scots, specifically those in Maine. Find out about upcoming events, other Scots in your area, news from back home and anything that can be tenuously linked to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Feel free to comment, send links, news, anything that takes your fancy...........

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Blogs of the month: Expats living the American dream

While more and more Americans are tempted to move abroad, the USA still keeps attracting expatriates from all around, including professionals and trailing spouses, for various reasons. Our top five bloggers in the USA share their experience and talk about what the life of an expat looks like in the USA and what they like the most about their new city.

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