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Cant Google Everything

An American expat living in Zurich! We just moved here and I will continue writing my blog but with a new twist- my expat life!

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The mishaps and musings of a Boston Girl in Zürich, Switzerland.

Going Grüezi

A librarian and a physicist from the USA pack up and move to Baden, Switzerland.

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An Expat Wife

I'm a English Woman living in Switzerland, via Asia and the USA. I'm an avid traveller, Champagne drinker, restaurant connoisseur (not just posh ones), Gordon Ramsey minion, amateur photographer, people watcher/get-to-know-er and occasional golfer. I write about general everyday things, my travels and my love of both eating and cooking good food.

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A Note from Switzerland

A blog about expat life and travel adventures written by an American woman living in Zurich, Switzerland.

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My Third Culture Life

I'm currently working as a Primary School Dance/Drama Teacher in Switzerland. Having previous been a second grade teacher in Poland, this is going back to my roots (as I grew up in theatre). This blog is about teaching, traveling and experiencing the theatre/arts scene in Zurich.

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My fabulous Swiss, Italian, English expat live

I am Dutch, but have been living abroad for the past eight years. I have lived in England, Italy and am currently based in Switzerland. I write about expat life in general and about the adjustments that we make as a family in particular

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oltre le alpi

Switzerland and Zürich, images of nature and city, what I see...

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Life in the land of Alpöi and aheidis

Life as an expat.

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Whether you're new to Zurich or not, NewInZurich is full of useful information about what's new in town and where you can find it. Also, lots of practical advice.

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Our Swiss Adventure

After years of dreaming of living abroad, we have finally arrived in Zurich, Switzerland. Join as we leave the Big Apple, adapt to Swiss life, and explore all that Europe has to offer. Jen: Former military brat. Manhattan L&D nurse turned Hausfrau. Kevin: Trini boy. The husband. Consultant on international rotation. Mya puppy: The sweetest lil' Shiba Inu there ever was.

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The Honeymoon Life

I think everyone deserves the chance to live a happy life, full of love and loving, success, gratefulness, and fun! It's what I call living The Honeymoon Life... because you feel that giddy happy-floating-above-the-clouds feeling all your life. It doesn't go away. My blog documents my life as I try to live every day being happily in love, relaxed, excited about the future, confident to take on new adventures, grateful for those around me and the positive attitude that comes along with all of it.

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a blog about my drawings, my paintings, ecc...

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A Swiss-American Life

This blog is about: a couple, their dog. moving to Zurich, day to day life, where they travel, how they handle culture shock, and of course -photos of everything along the way.

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Truffles On the Train

Hubby, me, and 4 year old son soaking up the culture, loving life, and trying to learn the language.

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House to Haus

Architect moves from New Haven, CT to Zurich, Switzerland. This blog is a catalogue of architecture/ design interests, travel and cooking. We are enjoying settling into our new home and I hope you enjoy reading and following my new blog.

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Scottish Girl in Zurich

Travelling, day trips and other fun stuff I get up to with my son!

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Half British, half Japanese girl learning to comfortably straddle more than one culture. Hoping to provide some advice as well as share her experiences as a constant foreigner, even in her own countries. Wants to learn German so she goes by the German-ified version of her Japanese name that her boyfriend chose for her. It's a start, no?

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Globetrotting in Heels

A serial expat blogs about discovering Zurich: events, new restaurants, lesser-known shops and boutiques. This blog also features fashion-focused posts and travel photography.

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April's expat blog: Adventures With Pete

We are happy to announce our April’s Blog of The Month, Adventures With Pete by Eve Brickner, a twenty-something American expat in New Zealand. In 2013, Eve met her fiancé, and ever since they have been together on a journey of adventures. However, the biggest of all is living in New Zealand, and Eve blogs about the ups and downs, and the lessons learned throughout.

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