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Runner in the Real World

This blog is all about my travel experiences while tryign to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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Dolce Limoncella

The first time I visited Naples, I felt like I've already been there many times, like I grew up there... So I promised myself that I would come back... And I did it... This blog is about Italy, tasty food, beautiful places, great love and my life experience in Naples.

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Vivere Il Sogno

A blog about my experiences and life in Italy.

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In Search of Gelato

My life as a Navy wife living in Naples, Italy; The blog details our difficulties and successes in daily life and good travel info for the region

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The Espresso Break

An On-Line Naples Travel Guide

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The Unrepentant Gallivanter

Randon travel blog, mommyblog

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This month's expat blog: Write Now Rebekah

Rebekah is an avid traveler and blogger, born in Dublin, Ireland. After growing up with her parents in the UK, she lived in Germany, the Greek Islands, and South Korea. Back to Europe, she met her Spanish husband, and they got married in New Zealand. Today, they live in the Netherlands with their two kids. The author of Write Now Rebekah speaks to about her expat experience and passion for blogging.

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