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Finland Adventures

The adventures of a Louisiana expat in the cold, cold North

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woman for himself

A blog about life and opinions

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Lost Trini

I am a Trinidadian female who followed love and ended up living in Finland via the USA. This is my story and experiences.

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If it's cold it's Helsinki

sharing my experiences about my new life in Finland

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No Onion Please

Food and travel blog plus bits of my life in Finland

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Hormone vs. Neuron

eCommunication, Advertising and other interesting stuff

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Quelques parcelles de Nathalie / A little of Nathalie

A blog in French and English where I lay down some pieces of my life in Finland, comments about the country or about me in general, pictures, etc.

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the thoughts and adventures of emmdee and the turtle konna in finland

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Our expat blog of the month: Jill's Journey

It's been nearly twenty years since Jill first moved to Mexico for a study abroad semester. There, she met the love of her life which brought about the irresistible desire to come back and settle in Mexico. Jill talks about her journey and her everyday life as an expat on her blog. If you have always wondered what life in Mexico is all about, here we go!