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Milles Miles

As my life is a continuos wandering around, I decided to have a picture for every day of this nomadism : I love the idea of keeping a visual track of the my path. Ideas,music,personal experiences are included!

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A Broad's View

Adventures of a 5th Grade teacher living abroad. Current location: Cairo, Egypt.

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Fun, satirical blog about the daily grind of living in Cairo

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And Away We Go!

I am an American living in Cairo, Egypt. I quit my job in June 2011 to move here to be with my fiance. This blog chronicles my experiences as I plan a wedding from across the globe, learn how to survive in a new culture and prepare myself for marriage. Enjoy.

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Cairo via London

Arranged ramblings of a Londoner living (and working) in Cairo.

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Swimming with wild dolphins

Lots of dolphin underwater photos, films and stories of our weekly encounters at Egypt´s Red Sea. Please leave a comment :-)

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A Sense of Belonging

The Caspers Learn of Life in Egypt

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Nerd Hugs

I'm back in the US - view all entries tagged "Egypt" to read about my experience. A summer living & working in Egypt at the American University in Cairo.

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Here you will find my reflections inspired by daily life in Cairo, Egypt. Please enjoy!

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Living in Egypt

An account of my life, my trips, and, my experiences in Cairo!

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A Guide To Egypt

This is a guide to Egypt, for new comers that want to learn where to go and what to do, I was once a new comer myself.

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Pic of the day/Photo du jour

Everyday I like to post a picture of my new life in Cairo. I write my comments in English and in French. I hope you'll like it!

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Tea Break Thoughts

I am a Canadian revert living now in Cairo with my Egyptian husband. I am relatively new to marriage, to Islam, to Cairo... sometimes I am a little overwhelmed! I strive hard to be a good example, avoiding fitnah and dream of Jennah. These are my moments of clarity.

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Wandering the World

Hubby and I are currently living in Cairo and travelling the globe in search of sanity. That part of the quest isn't going all that well I'm afraid.

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Blog detailing my time in Egypt as well as my new travel social network.

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Cairo Chronicles

self-indulgent mumbling

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Banana Blog

grabbin' bananas since 1982

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As the saying goes ‘where I lay my head is home’. Egypt will be our new home from July 2008 till July 2010. Having moved from the UK, we have had to adjust to life in Jordan for the past 19 months and we are now embarking on a new journey. A journey where others have been on before and we are to follow. We leave behind foot steps, fond memories and good friends but hope that the future is brighter and better then the past. This blog is to share our journey with others who are either travelling with us or settled already. So why the name ‘wasapninegypt’? Well to cut a long story short I grew up in the East End of London and the people there have a habit of eating words. So ‘What is happening Egypt’ very easily becomes ‘wasapnin egypt’. Hence the name.

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