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That Queer Expatriate

I’m a liberal and queer American currently living in Weimar and Jena, Germany—which makes me an expatriate, but not an ex-patriot.

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Two Moms to Canada

Two moms and their son have made it to Canada - come along for the ride!

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The Iceland Report

I moved from Boston to Reykjavík in 2004. Here are some of my adventures and observations from living in the Land.

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A Broad In Costa Rica

Escaped a falling real estate market, packed up 30 years of a life in Key West and moved to Costa Rica for a year.

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International Marriage?!? What the heck is that?!?

Ever wondered what it's like to be in a bicultural relationship? Come see what love is like...21st century style.

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British string theorist searching out the weird and wonderful in Beijing. On the way I chat food, literature, movies, nightlife and more.

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Lucullian Delights

A food and photography blog. I cook and I take photos of what I eat and thing that I see around me.

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Clogs, bogs and me

Blogging allows me to air my frustrations as I don't always have someone to talk to in the day. Sometimes a little angry, frustrated, other days a little silly and downright daft. Welcome to the life of expatriate/ trailing spouse

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Life in Athens for a swiss geek with an interest in digital life and the feeling of change in a big city. Multilingual English - German - Greek.

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People become stories and stories become understanding

I left New Zealand mid-2003, bound for Istanbul and a different kind of life with a brand new university degree. After two years of private school teaching, a Belgian guy lured me into his world, deep in the heart of Europe. I lived in Antwerp for 10 years, I moved to London in 2015. I'm a photographer and writer.

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This International Life

Two Americans share stories, tips, and photographs from their life and travels in Europe. Having lived in Italy, Switzerland and Germany, they are now settling in for a new adventure in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Spaniard runner in the world

I'm from Spain, I like running and I'm living out of Spain, all over the world for more than 9 years. And with this blog I can practize my written english... Everybody is welcome!!

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An Aussie in Japan, trying to embrace the new culture but quite often falling a bit short.

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Multi Tongue Kids

The linguistic and multicultural development of a truly European kid who's growing quadrilingual in France.

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I have moved from France to the UK for a 1 year break - still there after six year, and in the process of setting up a successful business. This blog keep track of most of my daily thoughts.

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La tartine gourmande

Bea is a French expat in the USA who has a passion for food, food presentation and exotic cuisines. She just likes to share what she knows about food.

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scribbles from tenerife

Dog walker, cat feeder, school taxi driver... life under the microscope from an expatriate resident of Tenerife. Or is it just an ex-smoker dealing with his nicotine cravings by writing inanities about life in the misguided belief that others may find it amusing?

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El Casareño Ingles

Real life for a working family man in southern Spain.

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Blogs of the month: Expats living the American dream

While more and more Americans are tempted to move abroad, the USA still keeps attracting expatriates from all around, including professionals and trailing spouses, for various reasons. Our top five bloggers in the USA share their experience and talk about what the life of an expat looks like in the USA and what they like the most about their new city.

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