Konrad Florczak

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Konrad Florczak

A Frenchman who immigrated from France to Dublin and who is now studying in Australia !

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  • Book Chinese Art

    David’s background was a Jewish family in British India, but originating in Baghdad. His father, Sir Sassoon David, 1st Baronet, was an ...

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  • Welcome to the Outback

    We embark on a journey that should transform of view of Australia. We trade the lush & green vegetation of Perth to the red sand of the Outback ...

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  • Back to Perth (again) – End of Part 2

    A three-day trip to Exmouth was already behind us. Back to the same hotel near the airport and some hours to settle down a bit, doing our laundries, ...

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  • Exmouth national park

    For our last day, we allowed ourselves a ‘day off’. Am I that lazy to be tired to be on a wonderful trip ? Certainly not, but travelling ...

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