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A canadian family living in New Jersey, USA. We have lived in 5 countries. I have a little guy, a 'teen' and a wonderful and lively husband. I love cooking, knitting, reading and traveling.

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  • Beijing here we come...

    We have arrived in Beijing, China.  Coming from Greensboro, NC, it is a change, to say the least.  We went from a 280K population to 23 ...

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  • News

    Last week Hon and I went to Las Vegas. It was my first time. I have to say, I really liked it! If you go, don't waste your time with Aureole ...

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  • Loving the South

    Let's face it, I'm as far a 'southerner' as you can get! I'm from Canada. I am loving living in Greensboro, NC. The ...

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    Well, we have been here for 6 months and I have to say that I actually love it here! Although, when we moved, people told us that it doesn't ...

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