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chronicles of our day to day adventures in Qatar as we journey through life and dinner tables.

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  • The Expat Daddy's Lambchops BBQ

    Yummiest ever!!!!Our Expat Daddy makes the best barbeque ever!!!!! May it be lambchops like these or pork or chicken. The best! Unfortunately, the ...

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  • Steamed Hamour (Lapu-Lapu)

    It's been weeks and I still couldn't think of what I really want to eat. I've been looking for inspirations from severel recipe blogs ...

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  • Soy Chicken

    New on the menu: Soy Chicken. Yum! If you live in the Middle East like we do, you understand the need to be creative in the kitchen. The line ...

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  • Pinoy Style Chicken Empanada

    Too far in between, I know! But I am back to cooking now, so hopefully I'd be able to share more recipes in the near future.I'm not quite ...

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