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The Native Speaker

In which I land a teaching job at the University of Kragujevac, Serbia. Zany antics ensue.

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  • We've moved!

    Meaghan and I have moved out of her mom's house and into the city of Boston. My commute to work is now 15 minutes shorter, and we're ...

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  • New blog

    Hey - Since I started my new job I've been busy and not much inclined to blogging. We have done some cool stuff - we saw Jon Stewart live, we ...

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  • woo-HOO!

    I got a job! As of yesterday, I'm the new full-time ESL teacher at a public high school near Boston. I'm teaching two classes of ESL 1, one ...

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  • Sweet memories

    Meaghan's school made her do a "technology orientation requirement" that involved a bunch of simple tests in computer and internet ...

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