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The Adventure Quester

A crazy Indian railway enthusiast, an ardent traveller and a biologist. I dislike travelling first class, instead second class travel on Indian railways bring me a lot of joy as this is where you will find the real India, meet some amazing people and learn a lot of lessons of life. Presently residing in Izhevsk (इज़ास्क), Russia pursuing PhD in immunology at the Udmurt State University.

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  • Hanging by a Thread

    The title of this blog is quite apposite for one of the journeys that I had undertaken in November 2014 from a small town of Lonand to Mumbai on ...

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  • Russia - From My Point of View

    It was a winter night of December 2014 when I told my mom that I would be going to Russia to pursue my PhD, and she asked "Are you crazy"? ...

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  • Into the Unknown

    The only thing that is constant is change! I have always been enraptured by the world of biology and since my school days, albeit I was an average ...

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  • An Unplanned Trip

    Absolutely unplanned! This is how I would describe my trip to Adarki (110 KM off Pune). Adarki is a very small village located in the Satara district ...

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