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The Ex Expat

Documenting our (mostly) Scottish family's life in Berlin - culture clashes, expat cravings and all!

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  • Kids Activity Travel Kit

    We are moving house next week, and the last couple of nights we’ll be staying at a friend’s house. Then another couple of nights in ...

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  • Travelling on the ICE with Kids

    In my travel guide to Wuppertal from the other week, I mentioned that we always took the ICE high speed train from Berlin to Wuppertal, so I thought ...

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  • June Snapshots

    We are moving house in just over a week, and most of our things have already been packed up – including our books! So I’m afraid my book ...

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  • Wuppertal with Kids

    This has been a bit of a crazy week, with a sick kiddo amongst other things, so my usual blogging schedule is in a bit of disarray. So, instead of a ...

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