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Dunkin' Berliner
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Another American Refugee in Berlin.

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  • NEW BLOG!!!

    The Dunkin' Berliner Rolls South to Prague; Gathers No MossIn case you were missing a dose of my usual silly-ass bitching (Brit Eng: humourous ...

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  • This Is The End

    The desk fan goes whuppa whuppa whuppa in the humid Berlin bog. I take my donuts in my left hand and prepare to leave the place where thousands have ...

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  • A Rolling Donut Gathers No Moss

    Dunkin' Berliner's Last Few Weeks In BerlinThe time has come. This is The End, my friend. Leaving Berlin. There, I've said it. ...

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  • Happy Happy. Joy Joy.

    I’m happy to live in Berlin. Sure, I rant and rave about gentrification and rising rents on my various Blogs, but I am still proud to be living ...

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