Slow and simple - life on the mountain

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Slow and simple - life on the mountain

A blog about the life of a Finnish-Bosnian family on a mountain near Sarajevo.

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  • Important to learn

    As many other unschooling parents, we’re sometimes caught up thinking ‘What should our children be learning?’. Our ...

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  • Valuing comrades

    Ever felt like you’ve been missing something, without knowing it? I just learnt I’ve been missing allies in our everyday life on the ...

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  • Warm bubble of home

    Today I thought about harmony. How I crave for it, how I enjoy it. And how I find myself going off-balance when something messes with the momentarily ...

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  • Free range kids

    Ever since we moved to the mountain three years ago, there’s been much talk about the schooling of our children. Most of the time we’re ...

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