Life and Times of the Dominican Gringa

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Life and Times of the Dominican Gringa
Life and Times of the Dominican Gringa byRD_Gringa

A blog of my life in Dominican Republic, my thoughts on life and the way I view things around me

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    Sleeping soundly at 3 am with visions of jelly beans in my head (I don’t have any jelly beans but a can at least dream of them). I hear yelling ...

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    Bees Candy – Views From My Balcony There must be a bee hive forming near my apartment. The last week these cute little stinging bees have been ...

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    I was walking the dogs as usual this morning. We left the apartment around 5AM so I could walk without sweating to death which didn’t work. I ...

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    I usually don´t get into the Carnival much these days. I hate sweaty humans all mashing and grinding into me. I am always worried about getting ...

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5 years ago

Hi Janett i really like your blog and photos and i have a question. Can i retire and live like you on 2000us per month? what are your expenses? I may be retiring in a year.i sent you a pm on expat. Thanks....Earnie

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