Living and Teaching in Japan

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Living and Teaching in Japan

My blog is about living and teaching in Japan. It's funny. Some topics include: cultural differences, Japan is ridiculous, EngRish, situational anecdotes, I hate kanji, and much, much more.

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  • Masks

    Upon arrival in Narita airport it seemed fifty percent of the people were wearing surgical masks. If the flight from Ney York hadn’t been so ...

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  • Bad Habits of Speech

    The crazy person pills I take make me very susceptible to my surroundings. When speaking with people who speak in broken English I begin to mimic ...

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  • Teaching Kids vs. Teaching Adults

    The thing about teaching kids is that they learn quickly and they grow to love you over time – the thing about teaching adults is they hardly ...

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  • Back in States - Kindergarten Story Time

    I am back in the US now. So I can only write in the past tense now. I can only talk about things I did or that I used to do. For instance, after ...

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