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Strange Lands, Strange life
Strange Lands, Strange life byMelarocks

A recollection of the doings, goings & happenings of my life as an English teacher abroad. It's now 11 mo. into my time in Indonesia. I'll reference ...

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    Not the kind in a restaurant that brings you food. I have learned some patience over the years. It's come very slowly. Most people who knew me ...

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    We had planned for The Enchantments. We were meeting some friends Wednesday night to car camp and then we'd spend four days and three nights in ...

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    Now, only partially so. I've ceded half the closet.His two drawers won't be enough any more . . . . . . because he's moving in.25 is a ...

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    ​​Every feel like your brain might be working against you? Every wish you could turn it off?I have an internal debate that has raged, well, ...

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