Legal requirements and procedures to marry my gf from Philippines

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I have a situation of which I have no answers to as yet and I'm hoping anyone out there can shed some light and clarity on the matter for me please.

I'm South African, my girlfriend is from the Philippines and we intend to get married this year. I need help with what the legal requirements and procedures are. We still live in our respective countries but visit each other throughout the year. We intend to live in SA once married. Can anyone give any advice on how to go about making our dream a reality please?... I guess the main questions would be...Is it better to marry in the Philippines or here in SA?... What paperwork need is required?... What government departments need we contact here in SA and in the Philippines?... If there is anything else that I may not have mentioned that is of importance then please assist if you can. It will be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward in anticipation to any help.

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Have a look at this : … rtificates 

For further details, you should contact them directly.

Concerning the formalities which should be done in the Philippines, you should read the threads of the  Formalities and procedures in the Philippines category of the forum and participate on the threads which might be of interest to you.

Perhaps get in touch with the South African Embassy in Manila as well :

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