Visa questions

We're running into a dilemma and hoping you guys can help out. My company is sending me to Dalian for an expat assignment. But since China is not recognizing gay marriage (we're legally married in the US), my company is not helping him to get visa as my dependent. After a little search here, most ppl suggest either to get a student visa for him or he needs to find a job. Well, because he will be busy taking care of our kid, he can't spend 20+ hours/week to either study Chinese or teaching English. My questions are:
1. Is there any program/school in Dalian that offer only weekend class that he can sign up?
2. Can he apply for the a program there, pay for the school but not attending?
3. Is there any teaching English job that only requires a few hours a week? It can be free. He doesn't need to be paid. He only needs visa sponsor.
4. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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