Shall I file a case against my kafala

Hi everyone,
  anybody here who can give me advice on how can I file a case against my kafala. Here is what happen , I came here in jeddah ksa 3 months ago to work as a nurse, it is my 3rd month and also the end of my probationary period. Few days back my employer told me that they will not hire me and I will not continue with my 2 yrs contract because I failed the evaluation. Prior to that I don't remember any serious offense that  did, I did not write any incident report I wasn't given a warning, memo or salary deduction. They just want to terminate the contract. I was given 2 options 1 is to go back to Philippines or transfer. I choose transfer, so I look and find a center that is willing to hire me, when they discuss the transfer fee they ask way to high 18,000sr so the company said they can't pay for it. I'm running out of energy and this is causing me a lot of stress and worry. Besides I have license and iqama I have complete documents. I everything is legal. So I was thinking of filing a case against my employer to finish this. Please help me what sort of advice can you give me I am really confused and badly affected of my current situation.

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