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Hello, I'm from Syria living in Istanbul city now in Turkey... I am planning to travel to Ecuador but I am feeling confused... I would like to know about the important things that I need to know about the settlement and residence permits there for Syrian people?  I mean when I come to Ecuador what should I do I'm order to have legal stay?  Is it going to cost me lots of money to have legal residence?  I hope you could help me and tell me more about this issue.. Thanks everyone.

A quick google search found that Syrian passport holders require no visa and get a 90 day stay.

There is an Ecuadorian embassy in Istanbul and Ankara. I suggest you Google search for their details and contact them for information.

Thanks sir, in same time I would like to ask you.... Are there many people from Syria or Arabic countries over there in Ecuador?  Where do they live?  In which city?  how can I be in touch with the Arabic community there?  Sorry for my questions I'm just new here and in need for more information.....thanks for your response and time, sir

Stumpy advice is spot on, so follow the advice and begin by educating yourself on such an important matter. The reality is the process of migrating costs money, and it varies from person to person. Some people use investment for residency, others use their retirement benefits, pensions to prove monthly income, and some used their professional degrees to migrate.

You have to find out what your situation is, and do understand that it is a tedious process of paperwork, and much of the paperwork must be apostilled abroad or authenticated at Ecuadorian consulates.

Hello, thanks a lot for your response to my inquiry, may I ask you are you living there since long time? Are there many people from Arabic countries or Syria in Ecuador?

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