Help requested - tracking down a taxi driver!

Hi guys, apologies for my very first post on here being a cry for help but after several days of fevered googling and dead ends I'm at my wit's end! My boss recently left some sunglasses (don't ask me why) in a taxi in Prague, and I've been trying to figure out how I can get in touch with the driver to ask if he may have found them. I've chased most of the data on the receipt down numerous alleys (to a registered business, disconnected phone number on Yelp, etc) but to no avail. So I am wondering if one of you Prague-centric folks might be able to take a look at the receipt and tell me if there's an approach I'm missing, or furnish me with some local knowledge that might help. Here's a scan of the receipt:

[img align=L] receipt.JPG?dl=0[/img]

Any help massively appreciated. Thank you!

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