An opportunity for civil engineering?


here's  my current situation.
I'm a french student, studying civil engineering. I'd like to specialize in high performance buildings. That is to say buildings that are optimized in things such as energy consumption and I'm wondering where such skills would be wanted.
If possible, when I get a job, I'd like to be near the sea and in a fishing area. As someone coming from a fishing area, I kinda got used to it and now I miss it quite a lot.
Also, more generally I was always interested in scandinavian country. I'd like to live in the north.

So I was wondering whether iceland and more particularly reykjavik might be a good place for me to live.
According to what I heard, the housing price is quite high so it might not be so hard to find a job, but I m not sure....
Besides, in terms of language, I have a strange background so I speak French/english/arabic and spanish.  (but no scandinavian languages)

So before doing any further research I'd like to know whether It'd be possible for me to find a job considering my profile.

Thank you

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