Relocate to Kyiv

For applying residency in Ukraine. you need to have some reasons. For example work in ukranian company, establish own company in Ukraine, marry on Ukranian citizen or do some volunteer activity and etc. If you have some of this reasons you can get visa d in any any Ukranian embassy abroad of Ukraine. After that you can apply for residency. Except documents that prove reasons of getting residency you will need to prepare medical insurance for 1 year term, pay government fee i amount of 20 $, invitation letter from person/company/ngo who invited you to Ukraine. You will get residency in 10 days after your application. As you get residency in 30 days you will need to get registration address. This is a full procedure to get temporal residency in Ukraine. You can use some advisors to get this residency. For example lawyers from firm take 150 $ from one temporal residency permit. The cost of such service in Ukraine is from 150 till 300 $. I hope I helped you with this information.

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