Shipping an iMac and an electronic scooter with lithium Battery

Hi there, after reading number of different forums and topics, I still feel kinda lost whats the best solution I have. I am from Malta,  Europe, and soon planning to live in Brazil. I am thinking to maybe ship an iMac 27 inch and a an iscooter with lithium battery. I don't know if i am hundred percent correct, but i've read that if the items are older than 6 months old you don't pay taxes and if you are gonna live temporary or permanent you wont either. Apart from taxes whats the best solution i have to ship the 27inch iMac, by sea or by land, i even tried to see if the computer fits into the checked in luggage but probably I have to buy a bigger one if i intend to ship it by air. And I would like to ship the scooter too and actually thinking if maybe i can put it into the luggage ( need a bigger luggage too) but the huge risk I encounter is that the battery is 280wh and thats a huge battery for airlines.

Check directly with your airline about any unusual cargo as I know there are concerns about batteries.

I am checking but it seems a bit hard because if the battery issues that happened lastly regarding cheap models of electric hoverboards.

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