Dog Sitter// Daycare in Pipera??

Hi Community!

So, I decided to move back to beautiful Bucharest. I was a member of the Bucharest Community 2008-2011

This time I will come with my little dog
and I am now looking for a dog sitter AND a dog daycare in Pipera (starting from next week). Any ideas?

I would prefer to find a daycare/ group but Google didn't come up with much. Is there someone else out there who is looking for some daily company and care for their dog in Pipera area? We could found our own group in Pipera.

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions


Please post an ad in the CLASSIFIEDS section for dog sitting, or search in the BUSINESS DIRECTORY.  Also there are doggy day cares in the area which can be found on Google, using Romanian language.

Romaniac Experts Team

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