MARRAKECH once I post the destination changes to Casa 😱

Hi there

I find myself reading posts from as far back as 2008 and while I did not pay attention at first got interested only to realize its an old post 😕

So here are a few questions I have if there are still active members:
1:  How does one take the electric bus? I was told go to a particular intersection and just wave at the driver like I would a 🚕 stupid did I feel when the driver just kept on driving.....there’s no SIGNS..
2:  is there a tourist information place all I get are tour places?
3: Turkish Hammam not costing 300dhs near Guiliez
4:  Car rental with auto trans that’s actually 400dhs and not 600dhs when one arrives at the office
5:  Are there places one can volunteer? Any possible situation

Thanks for answering in advance

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