terminated employment will affect my current pass application?

Hello Everyone!

I have a very serious case.
Can I ask for your insight and advice please.
I started my job on July 2017 with printing company. Unfortunately, I can't get along with boss/owner. Staffs come and go after a couple of days working for her. She shouted, downgrade, threat staffs. (I have an audio on her, scolding, shouting my colleagues and me on my last day).
Before 3 months working with the company, she cancelled my pass "Due to non performance and bad discipline to comply and uphold the company's regulations and policies". To think about my reputation to MOM and future employer really put me in tears.
I had my On-the-job training here and almost 5 years of working experience from 3 different employers. A total of 8.4 years working experience combined my experience at home country.
At this moment, I found and employer who's willing to apply me an E-pass.
Would the terminated employment and negative feedback from previous firm will affect my current pass application?

Thanks in advance Guys!


If the previous employer had submitted the above mentioned details about you at MoM then there could be a possible negative impact but you can prove yourself innocent (as per your statement, though I don’t know the truth). Did you inform past incident to your new employer? If yes, then you and new employer should be ready with a written letter from you stating that you didn’t get along with the ex employer and the reason why she canceled your pass (this should only be presented at MoM if they ask for or at the time you appeal on EP rejection, not before that cause you don’t know how serious MoM will be taking ex employer’s feedback on you).

On separate note, when applying EP with 8.5yrs experiences, make sure your salary should be at par with market trend or else chances are there for rejection due to lower limit. Good luck

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